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Storage Systems

racking-1-smWe specialize in designing the layout of your warehouse. We have over 39 years of experience in this field, and we have implemented a huge variety of systems for our customers. We can design with new materials or used ones, at a substantially lower cost.

Our objective is to be able to qualify and quantify the type of storage system and retrieving system that best suits our customers’ needs and budget. It can be something as simple as 2 bays of pallet rack or three sections of shelving. Or, it could be a warehouse with a shelving mezzanine for small parts. It could be a pick module with flow rack system on the bottom and push back racks on top, with transport conveyors in the center of the two sides of the system.

Take a look at the pictures here to get an idea of how some customers are operating. Then if need be, we can visit some locations.

The best start is to meet with us and to discuss what your storage / transportation goals are. Then we can figure out what the best possible options will be.

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